Smoke Alarms

Congratulations on your new Smoke Alarm Upgrade.

We are excited to introduce you to your new alarms and your smoke alarm controller (if installed at your property).

Red is the only brand of smoke alarms in Australia that come with a 10 year warranty across the entire range. Red smoke alarms are photoelectric, of the highest quality, and are certified to Australian Standard 3786:2014. Red Alarms are a perfect match for our North QLD climate, with a 9 – 95% humidity rating, and are a great solution to meet the new Queensland smoke alarm laws.

the best invention in smoke alarms...since the smoke alarm

When upgraded to meet the new Queensland legislation, most properties will have between 4-6 interconnected smoke alarms – if one goes off, they all go off – an incredibly loud and annoying experience. With the Smoke Alarm Controller, there is no need to put up with the incredibly loud noise, no need to run around the house trying to find out which smoke alarm is causing the problem, no need to get on a ladder – the alarms can be silenced from the one wall mounted switch.

smoke alarms australia
smoke alarms australia

Finally a way to silence smoke alarms in the middle of the night.

Instantly silence alarms that are going off.
Instantly locate which alarm is false alarming.
Deal with false alarms – instantly and easily.
Silence alarms by simply pressing one button on the wall.