Smoke Alarm Servicing Programs

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Smoke Alarm Servicing Plans for Agents, Landlords & Home Owners.

Welcome to the home of Smoke Detect Property Services. Here you will find all the information you need, whether you are a Principal, a Property Manager, a Landlord, or a Home Owner, in regards to our smoke alarm services and much much more. Smoke Detect Property Services is a local, family run business with the commitment to keeping residents safe in their homes and giving agents and landlords peace of mind.

Smoke Alarm Maintenance

Regular smoke alarm maintenance requires more than a simple battery change and the pressing of a button. Regular smoke alarm checks also require consultation with the Building Code of Australia, ensuring the correct number and type of smoke alarms are installed in the correct locations within the home. It is also important to note that on top of these conditions, if any alarm outside of its expiry date (functioning or not) is present, the property will be deemed non-compliant and this smoke alarm will need to be removed or replaced under new legislation.

Smoke Alarm Servicing Plans


For Agents

Ensure that your properties are compliant, your landlords are protected and your tenants are safe. With years of industry knowledge, a local, dedicated customer service team, and reliable field force, your choice is easy - Smoke Detect Property Services is your reliable option for all your smoke alarm compliance needs.


For Landlords

Many properties being inspected for the first time are found to be non-compliant as landlords either aren't aware or are not receiving the correct advice and proper support. Smoke Detect Property Services will help protect you, your tenants and your investment, ensuring your property is compliant with the state legislation


For Homeowners

Installing and maintaining smoke alarms is one of the most important, yet quite often overlooked, aspects of protecting your family and your home from a fire. Who are you trusting to protect your family whilst they sleep? Ensure your home and family are safeguarded by compliant and working smoke alarms with Smoke Detect Property Services.

Smoke Alarm Compliance Made Easy

In QLD, new legislation effective from 1 January 2022 will impact the requirements for smoke alarms in all rental and sale properties, and most will require upgrades in order to be compliant with the new regulations. All remaining properties (owner occupied) will need to comply to this legislation by 1 January 2027. Our dedicated team are on hand to manage all your residential smoke alarm responsibilities easily and effectively.

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